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A blend of malt and grain produced in Coffey stills at the Miyagikyo Distillery. The name DATE was used to commemorate the feudal warlord, Date Masamune, who ruled the area around the Sendai region in the 17th century. Caol Ila Distillers Single Malt. Fujigotenba Pure Malt Whisky. Patron Reposado ml.

Radiocarbon Dating Historical Tsunami Deposits from the Sendai Plain, Northeastern Japan: Preliminary Age Model of HS Continuous Soil Sediment Series.

DL DL. Date Masamune was a figure from the Warring State Period, and has appeared as a popular character in games and animations. Sendai, which was governed by Date, is home to sightseeing spots rich with samurai culture. This article introduces 5 of these sightseeing or historical places related to Date Masamune!

Date Masamune was a military commander who opened Sendai to build his base as a feudal lord. Date left behind a number of military exploits, and had extreme influence in the Tohoku region.

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Center for Chronological Research, Nagoya University. Ancient tsunami deposits are distributed in paddy fields throughout the Sendai plain, on the Pacific coast of the Tohoku area in northeastern Japan. These deposits contain gravel, mud, shells, and microfossils originating from the seafloor, sandy beaches, and coastal soils. Paleotsunami deposits offer valuable clues for identifying past tsunami inundation areas, but previous studies had difficulty dating tsunami deposits for correlation with historic disaster events.

This study collects age data from continuous soil profiles that include tsunami deposits.

A short walk down Mount Aoba’s northern slope leads to the Sendai City Museum​. The museum features relics of the Date clan, and presents.

Date Masamune was a warrior in Japan’s Tohoku region. Known as the “One-Eyed Dragon,” he came to power during Japan’s Sengoku period, which lasted from about to This was an era of civil unrest in Japan during which various feudal lords vied for power. With his black armor and helmet that bore the shape of a crescent moon, Date Masamune is a famous historical figure who has been depicted in dramas, animations, and even games. Thanks to a recent decision to produce a foreign drama about him, he is becoming more well-known around the world.

In this article, we will introduce some of the Samurai armor used by warriors from the Sendai domain, in particular, Date Masamune’s armor. In , Netflix decided to create a drama featuring Date Masamune as the protagonist, and as a result, he has garnered interest worldwide. The show will include several fictionalized accounts of his eccentric displays, including Masamune joining the war in a burial outfit, carrying a gold cross, having responded to Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s call to battle late.

Another account narrates that Masamune’s mother had favored his younger brother to succeed as head of the family and had poisoned Masamune. In response, Masamune killed his younger brother to put an end to the succession dispute. To find out more about what kind of person he was, we spoke to Mr. Sasaki, the curator of Sendai City Museum , where much about the Date family is exhibited.

But first, let’s begin with a brief history of Date Masamune.

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July 12th, Miyagi, as many people know, was badly damaged by the March 11th disaster and Tsunami. Fortunately it has been recovering with warm support from all over the world. The priority is recovering the lives of residents and land of Miyagi prefecture. Tourism, however, has suffered and so it is a high priority for Miyagi to attract visitors.

So travelling around Japan, there is a group of make belief warlords, wearing heavy armor and having swords, and formed around Date Masamune who founded the Sendai clan and conquered a great part of the Tohoku region. The group of actors dress up as warlords and are all good looking men!

Sendai virus, the mouse parainfluenza type 1: a longstanding pathogen that remains up-to-date. Res Vet Sci. Feb;82(1) doi.

Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Date Seafood Cuisine Sendaihan, Sendai. See all restaurants in Sendai. Date Seafood Cuisine Sendaihan Unclaimed. All photos 5. Ratings and reviews 4.

Aoba Castle (Sendai Castle)

On 11 March, , coastal areas of the city suffered catastrophic damage from a magnitude 9. Masamune was not happy with his previous stronghold, Iwadeyama , which was located in the northern portion of his territories and was difficult to access from Edo modern-day Tokyo. Sendai was an ideal location, being in the centre of Masamune’s newly defined territories, upon the major road from Edo, and near the sea.

Tokugawa Ieyasu gave Masamune permission to build a new castle in Aobayama after the Battle of Sekigahara. The previous ruler of the Sendai area had used a castle located on Aobayama.

hotline, so this is also really justified. I am sure it must be some liability issues. In any case, it seems you need a Japanese language speaker.

Jump to navigation. Aoba Castle was the home base of the powerful Date clan throughout the Edo Period Aoba Castle was built in by Date Masamune, the legendary “One Eyed Dragon” whose equestrian statue in the castle grounds is an iconic symbol of the city. Date was a powerful ally of Ieyasu Tokugawa and it is Ieyasu, the first Tokugawa shogun, who is thought to have renamed Mt. Aoba as Sendai. The castle is located on a m-high wooded plateau that offers great views of Sendai city below. The virgin fir forest on the western slope was protected from felling during the Edo era and now forms part of the Tohoku University Botanical Garden.

Aoba Castle was not heavily fortified and a central keep, though planned, was never constructed.

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Most of its holdings were contiguous, covering all of present-day Miyagi Prefecture , small portions of southern Iwate Prefecture , and a portion of northeastern Fukushima Prefecture. The domain’s capital, and the ruling family’s castle, were located in what became the modern Sendai City. It constituted the largest domain in northern Japan, with its official income rating at , koku , and one of the largest domains in the entire country, after the Satsuma Domain and Kaga Domain. Its jitsudaka , or true income level, is said to have been somewhere between one and two million koku.

Unlike the nearby Aizu domain, Sendai survived the war largely intact, though with a severely reduced income rating. It was disbanded with the other domains in

The Sendai fishing pole has existed since the Edo period. It is a traditional craft art developed in Sendai that the first feudal lord Masamune Date, favored to use​.

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Yamadera has enchanted many visitors over the years, including the famous haiku poet Matsuo Basho, who drew inspiration from the surrounding scenery for some of his poetry. Enjoy the rewarding Sendai Castle was built by Date Masamune, the first lord of the Sendai Clan, on land that was a natural stronghold. A stone wall demonstrating its long history and a restored turret stand as Matsushima — a renowned place of natural beauty and also described as one of the three most scenic spots in Japan.

In this article, we will introduce some of the Samurai armor used by warriors from the Sendai domain, in particular, Date Masamune’s armor.

The current leader of the Date family is Date Yasumune, the 34th leader of the family and the 18th leader of the Sendai Date family. Sendai Ryo was changed to Sendai Han in , and it was later changed to Sendai Ken prefecture in due to the elimination of Han. The Sendai armors are usually painted with black lacquer, and they only used helmets and armors that resisted and survived the bullet testing. Modern technologies, such as the Sendai Gun, a matchlock, and pistols used on horseback, were actively utilized in the Sendai Domain.

Only a very few articles had the five cardinal virtues of Date Masamune. It is more of a popular belief and, in no way, a historical fact as there is no evidential backup for its origin and date of issue.

Date Seafood Cuisine Sendaihan, Sendai

We hope that the site will convey the appeal of these beautiful crafts and the craftsmen. A history book indicates people in this district have produced inkstone since The Sendai fishing pole has existed since the Edo period.

DATE Masamune and the Culture of the Sendai domain. Widely known though his achievements as a warlord in politics and military, DATE Masamune, the.

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Sendai: Home of Warlord Date Masamune and Aoba Castle

Biologically speaking, Sendai virus SeV , the murine parainfluenza virus type 1, is perceived as a common respiratory pathogen that is endemic in many rodent colonies throughout the world. Currently it is believed that SeV is the leading cause of pneumonia in mice and together with the mouse hepatitis viruses, is the most prevalent and important of the naturally occurring infections of mice.

The scientific community also considers SeV as the archetype organism of the Paramyxoviridae family because most of the basic biochemical, molecular and biologic properties of the whole family were derived from its own characteristics. Recently, scientific interest for this old pathogen has re-emerged, this time because of its potential value as a vector for gene transfer.

This review aimed at drawing an exhaustive picture of this multifaceted pathogen.

Experience the old townscape of Sendai and its historic buildings through VR reproductions. Touch the location and visit the site enjoy the VR experience.

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Wadaiko Japanese Taiko Drum Performance at Sendai Aoba Festival(Drummers of Japan)