The Venus in Cancer Man: Get to Know Him Better

Venus in Aries has a fiery and passionate nature in love, and a raw, erotic sensuality. These feisty folks have an aggressive approach to love, and always dive in head first. They don’t do slow. If you have fallen for this fireball of a human, make sure to remain a mystery to keep their fires burning. These hotties are attracted to the cool and aloof, and as long they are the one doing most of the chasing, and they’re never bored, you may just get to be the object of their obsession. These folks can deceive themselves if they don’t accept their animal nature and their intrinsic need to be the hunter. They are on Team Passion. Their style is fierce, hot, and eccentric. They want to boldly go where no one has gone before.

the astrology of sex and love.

Venus Cancer is an intriguing and amazing sign that is worth the effort. The sign of the debilitation of Venus is when it’s in Virgo, which is hypercritical and detailed oriented, so loving a Venus in Cancer feels like you’re rarely judged. Venus is the brightest thing in the sky beside the Sun and the Moon.

The person who has Venus in Cancer wants a partner who is sweet, affectionate and Venus in Cancer male prefers a woman who is.

The annual visit of Venus in Cancer means something different for each sign. Read on to find out how Venus in Cancer affects your star-sign! You can also call a gifted relationship psychic right now on for the UK or from the USA for a personal reading more tailored to your needs! Venus in Cancer activates your home and family zone, which means you are likely to feel twice as homey and eager to be around familiar faces than everyone else.

Time to rekindle bonds with the family, decorate your home, tend to your garden, enjoy some home cooked family meals and generally snuggle up with your loved ones! Happiness, love and romance are to be found at home. Now that you are feeling comfy at home you could also get in touch with one of our top psychics.

What Your Venus Sign Reveals About How and Who You Love

Every chart is entirely unique just like a snow flake and is an energetic blueprint for who we are. Below are general descriptions of Venus in each sign. You are assertive — when you see someone or something you like, you go after it!

Nov 23, – Who Is Your Perfect Love Match For Marriage, Dating, Romance, And Keep Reading To Learn More About Horoscope Compatibility By Mars And Venus Zodiac Signs. Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility love match #4.

From July 3 to the 27, Venus moves into Cancer. Which means—cue up the cheesy music and beach boardwalk B-rolls, baby. Whether it be a new crush, reigniting an old flame or just sharing a really, special moment with your dinner—noodles, darling, you are divine—those funny feelings we get around those that thrill us will only intensify. Venus represents love and romance and all of its various accoutrements—relationships, beauty, passion, and even self-worth and self-love which, really are the most important relationships of all.

Venus can also represent finances and values—all of these things that deeply influence our lives. Our attitudes surrounding love, money and family create our actual situation. Or, like birth.

Venus in Cancer: Nurturing, Sensitive, Family-Oriented

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Venus in Cancer is sensitive, emotional and intuitive in love. They can run their own business, take care of the kids, and still look perfect for date night.

Venus in Aries: You have an exciting approach to love, that is almost child-like in how straightforward and innocent it is. In relationships, you are very straightforward with your intentions, and you love to live in the moment. For Venus in Aries, love is very much about the chase, the thrill of pursuit, the adrenaline. Rather impulsive in love, you follow your heart as freely as you can- and as a result, you find it hard to settle down. This Venus sign needs a relationship that both protects their independence and is also a bit of a challenge.

You show your feelings openly and enthusiastically, and others find your affectionate nature attractive. Venus in Taurus: Love cannot be rushed for you. Once in love, Venus in Taurus is deeply sensual, demonstrative, and generous. This Venus sign prefers to avoid drama and upheavals in relationships, as a trustworthy and reliable person. In love, you would much rather like to settle down with a stable and committed relationship. Once your partnerships have a sense of comfort, you can be very passionate, as well as possessive.

Venus in Gemini: You genuinely enjoy different kinds of people, and seek out variety, stimulation, and fun in love. A naturally curious person, you have places to see, people to meet, and things to do. As a result, one person cannot be the sole focus of your life.

Venus in Cancer: Love Signs and Traits

You want roots, a home and a family. Venus in Cancer is all about the nurturing of love and of knowing someone like the back of your hand. Emotional security is your primary goal and your sensitivity means you are easily hurt. You adore romance and hate vulgarity and anything crass. Someone had better be prepared to woo you. You want to put down roots and moving house is something you dread and will go to great lengths to avoid.

Venus in Cancer. Venus and Mars in the signs. Read how the stars influence your sexual life. Dating, sex, relationship, and love horoscope.

Venus is famous in astrology for being the planet of love. Indeed, it is, but there is much more to Venus as a planet than this. The astrological Venus speaks to how we love, who we love, what we love and what we are prepared to give in return. Away from the sphere of emotions, Venus is also associated with money and finances, luxury, wealth, glamor and beauty. The zodiac sign Venus transits tells us a lot about how important these things are to us, and about what lengths we will go to in order to obtain them.

When Venus moves into Cancer, we lose the happy-go-lucky spirit of Venus in Gemini and love becomes a rather more intense and serious affair. Venus in Cancer is loving, sensitive energy, which cares deeply and feels enormous compassion and sympathy for others. However, this is also energy which is heavily focused on emotional security. When Venus is in Cancer, we want to feel safe and nurtured, so that we can in turn protect and nurture others. It can be too cautious, in fact, as there is a tendency when Venus is in Cancer to play it too safe.

We may be over-protective of ourselves or our loved ones — or indeed, overly touchy or overly suspicious about the behavior of others. Ruled by the Moon, in astrology Cancer as a zodiac sign is famously moody, and when Venus is in Cancer, the moods of love can change very swiftly indeed. Materially, Venus in Cancer is shrewd. Financial stability matters here, just as emotional stability matters in love, but Venus in Cancer is not afraid to take calculated risks, and this is generally thought to be a good transit for business matters.

Your Most Toxic Relationship Habit, Based on Your Venus Sign

Venus is the planet that rules what we intrinsically value in relationships as well as how we value ourselves. What does a man with Venus in Cancer want? I want a girl…. And what if Mom was a bitch?

matthew currie astrology venus gemini venus cancer Venus in Cancer is loving and giving, but let’s be honest — other humans can be a threat, and Write me with your date, time, and place of birth — and send you a free sneak preview!).

Themoreyouknow, right? So now could be a great time for you to work on that social media marketing business you’ve been toying with, Marie Kondo all those unworn clothes gathering legit dust in the back of your closet ew , or decide whether or not you want to pursue grad school. But unfortunately for me—and many of you—Venus is going retrograde from May 13, to June 25, In the simplest terms, Venus in retrograde means that the planet that rules love , your values, and beauty is moving backwards yes, literally.

Dun, dun, duuuuuun. A whole host of cringeworthy moments await you: An old flame sending a “U up? Or maybe a friend brings up the one time you vomited in the street—and on your shoes—at 2 a. Perhaps you realize it actually drives you insane when your roommate leaves used paper towels on the counter, instead of throwing them in the trash even though it’s right next to the counter. Tempted to vent about relationship ish during Venus retrograde?

Here’s why you shouldn’t:.

The Influence Of Venus In Love Relationships

And as such, you can expect a powerful flow of emotion that cancers find difficult to control. Cancers have a homely, motherly, nurturing disposition to their character and you can often find them hosting events at home or pretty much any activity that involves family and the home environment. Cancers are usually great with money and make excellent partners to the right mate. This is not the sign to play with in the matters of love. They take their love life and their feelings seriously and it would be in your best interest to do the same.

They began a courtship with caution and maybe even a bit of cynicism but when they do fall for you, they fall hard.

Venus in Cancer motivates us to find more secure relationships since if you’ve been dating a commitment-phobe, things may start looking up.

Email address:. He likes seeing his partner satisfied and his friends happy with the treatment that he offers. He helps build up a sense of stability and security that no one else can match. While some men may prefer their partners to be exceedingly vivacious, foxy, and bold to the utter limits, the Venus in Cancer man wants a sensitive, sensible, and tender woman.

He wants her to be natural, to take care of herself in a simple and intriguing manner. He wants to build a relationship from the ground up, to help it along the way, and to spiritually enrich the bonds with sensible approaches. If he puts in this much effort towards the creation of a safe haven, he will naturally be very reluctant in abandoning it, and there are very few things that would put him in this situation in the first place.

This guy lives to love and to be loved. Rather, he prefers to suffer in silence, for as long as it takes. He wants to be appreciated for what he does, and he wants his girl to crave his presence, to always anxious about his leaving anywhere.

What Does A Man With Venus In Cancer Want?

Skip navigation! Venus, the planet of love , social awareness, and money, is finally exiting its extended four-month stay in Gemini. And she’s right — for the past few months, the U.

Can you feel the love tonight? With Venus prepared to enter Cancer later this week, you’ll surely be able to soon.

When you think of summertime, doesn’t your heart swell up? There’s always an emotional line running through the warmest and sunniest season and it all has to do with the vivid memories you make with the people you love. It has always made so much sense to me that the beginning of summer is often when Venus — planet of beauty, love, and friendship — enters sensitive, empathetic, nostalgic, and romantic Cancer. This year, this gorgeous transit begins on July 3 and ends on July 27, and your Venus in Cancer love horoscope will describe just how beautiful it will be for you.

Now, if you’ve heard about the upcoming eclipses and the Mercury retrograde slated to take place in July, you may be wondering how this could possibly be a wonderful time for love. Well, the cosmos works in mysterious ways, and even though Mercury retrograde is rife with communication issues, reconnections with the past, and an overall sense of confusion, it doesn’t mean there won’t be beauty in the midst of it all.

Even though eclipse season is when your relationships tend to take unexpectedly sharp turns, remember that the heavenly and destiny-oriented North node is in Cancer. This essentially means that whatever happens in your relationships is meant to be, and that you’re moving forward in the journey that is your life.

Why Venus Retrograde Might Screw With Your Zodiac Sign’s Relationships

Trusted Psychic Mediums. Venus is the Ruling Planet of love and commitment. You sweep lovers off their feet. Venus in Cancer might inspire your man to make you breakfast in bed, or let you sleep in while he takes the kids to school. In friendships and romantic partnerships, you can count on Cancer to have your back. These people also have ingenious skills for getting out of uncomfortable and dangerous situations.

How Will Venus in Cancer Affect Your Zodiac Sign? This is a great month to walk away from situations in your dating life regarding people.

The way to your heart is probably through the ears: you love nothing better than someone who can express themselves intelligently. A successful relationship requires that someone be able to zoom in on exactly what you want out of it, and that covers a lot of ground with you. Your affections are changeable: hyperactively physical one day, and missing in action the next.

Although you may not always have great follow-through in your relationships, you are likely a champion flirt. You probably have a lot of friends, and they are likely a source of drama and jealousy, which can be pretty exciting, so you put up with it. Maybe sometimes you even encourage it. I am a wild and spontaneous thrill-seeker and an old fashioned girl all at once.

I enjoy extreme sports and staying at home watching a movie. I believe that the greatest sex is exclusively between two people who love each other, preferably while watching one of the videos I made during my amateur porn career. And yes… I DO know what I want. Drop me a line now before I get frustrated and remove my ad. People with Venus in Cancer are sensitive, caring, and easily flustered by signs of distance in your partner — unless your partner is getting suspiciously close.

You can be demonstrative and physically affectionate, but sometimes require more reassurance that way yourself than your partner is always able to provide. You are particularly fond of having a comfy home or an exclusive corner of that home to retreat to, and sometimes luring you out of that cave can be nearly impossible.